Hi, I'm David. Entrepreneur trying to create cool things 🚀

Born and raised in New Zealand, I originally studied chemistry and obtained a BSc(Hons) and PhD. But I was always intersted in tech and ended up doing affiliate marketing as a side-hobby.

After finishing my PhD I transitioned into marketing/tech, leaving NZ for Asia to help a group of friends build "iStack". I lived in the Philippines building a stellar team, then relocated to Thailand where I have been ever since.

I helped build a lot of products/services and ultimately found my focus, and what I enjoyed most, which was technology. Fast forward a few years and I took over leadership of FunnelFlux, eventually taking ownership of the company.

Since then, I have been involved in a number of projects, many failures, and am now focusing on my own entrepreneurial ventures in tech - as well as revisitng some of my chemistry history with a coffee-focused project.

I consider myself an expert with performance-marketing technology and a jack-of-all-trades with what it takes to build, manage and grow a small company, especially with the tech and marketing side.